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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Super Bulky Slipper Socks

These super bulky slipper socks are very quick to knit and comfy to wear. The pattern is found on  by: Alice Dillon. The yarn she uses is, Lion Brand Hometown USA, a super bulky acrylic yarn. If you have never knit socks before don't fear, this is the easiest pattern ever. I really like her very simple directions for turning the heel and working the gusset. It would be hard to screw it up. She gives a lot of explanations on area's of the sock where one might have a question or two. Her pattern calls for knitting them on double pointed needles, but I knit these on circular needles. I started out knitting the cuff on 12"inch circulars size 8, then switching to 29"inch circulars size 10 and knit them using the magic loop method. After the slipper socks are knit you might say, "These are quite stiff," yes they are, however, when you get them on your feet you will see that they wear nicely and you will be glad that they are thick and sturdy. The acrylic yarn can be easily machined washed and dried. If you make these with an all wool yarn or wool mix yarn I would wash them by hand in cold water and dry flat. With Christmas around the corner, I needed a quick gift for my mom, who always has cold feet, I think she will like these. And the best part, this is a free pattern! So go fetch it quick on Ravelry.

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